Flavorful Origins: Chaoshan

Genre:FOOD Length:10min x 20ep

Short video series on local food and ingredients. First Netflix Originals doc-series made entirely by Chinese team. 10min x 20ep

Diverse geographic features in China bring in abundant food ingredients. Taste and texture of one single ingredient may change drastically across the country. “You are what you eat.” In China, what people eat and how they cook their meals vary greatly from place to place. Documentary series Flavorful Origins will adventure into different parts of China and uncover unique local treats.

Flavorful Origins Chaoshan is the first season of the program, and will explore one hidden ingredient local to the region that is famous among gourmets in each episode. Chaozhou-Shantou cuisine bears distinctive palates that embody the history of migration and settlement of the people, and serves as a convenient tool for understanding local culture.